We are the sea

It’s a true sea story the one of Gianluca and Gianpaolo Raschi: the cab built from the grandpa Guido on the sand in 1946, his daughter Tiziana, who falls in love with Flaviano Raschi, a beach attendent from the near Riccione, the burning coal to cook the fish for the family meal.
In 2002 toghether they have embarked a new course, turning that typical and simple place, where they were born and grown up between the aromas of Adriatic cusine and a bar counter, in a different place from the image of a past, still clear in their memories.
Respect and love for the sea and the horizon, this will never change.

gianluca raschi sommellier

Gianluca Raschi

class 1962

Harmonic and outgoing, Gianluca seems grandfather Guido, always amiable and joyful.
Every smile he shows is a sincere narrator of the joy that belongs to the people of the Romagna Riviera. His passion for wine has grown with him who has always been hungry for food and wine culture. He is a professional sommelier since 1992.

gianpaolo raschi chef

Gianpaolo Raschi

class 1966

Reserved and free, Gianpaolo is a conservative progressive. As a tightrope walker on a time balance, he sails continuosly between past and future, remember and research, simpleness and elegance. In his dishes the sea bursts out overbearing, so intense and persistent on his skin since he was a child.
Today like then he still plays with it, hot and cold, thick and thin, strong and delicate, planning taste and texture and stories never told.

Photo by Ph © Giorgio Salvatori

Awards riconoscimenti
Awards riconoscimenti