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Gianpaolo Raschi

“Each dish is associated with an emotion or an ethno-taste that prudently, with each bite, explodes to the palate.”

Gianpaolo Raschi

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As a Gift

We have always done it and we will continue to do so.
We will continue to give you the values and the memories of grandpa Guido and our family. We will continue to give you the songs of the Adriatic sea and the Romagna region, the poetry of embers that glitter and sparkle.
We will continue to give you the fragments of a journey back in time, punctuated by the gleaming white of cuttlefish and squacquerone cheese, the pulp of a mantis shrimp beaten with a knife, or the fragile fishbone of a young sea bream dropped into boiling oil.
We will continue to give you the warm embrace of grandma Augusta, which lives forever in the thin,  crispy consistency of a piadina – our typical flat bread – cooked on a rock. We will continue to give you, with each dish, the blue of the sky and the sea, the notes in our scratch pad, our dreams in the drawer, the essence of the land, our inexhaustible passion.
We will continue to give you ourselves.
As always.

Gianpaolo e Gianluca

As a Gift


bon in 1962

Born in June, upon leaving the hospital I was not taken home, rather – as admitted by my mum and dad -  I was taken directly to Guido’s restaurant. Today, more than fifty years on, I continue this adventure in the company of my brother Gianpaolo, and if I look back it feels as if we started on this journey yesterday. Professional sommelier since 1992, I gladly divide myself between kitchen and dining room, always trying to offer our guests the attentions I would like to receive if I were sitting in their place.


born in 1966

I was born and grew up in a milieu where food and cooking were the centre of attention, the fish on the stove fish came from the sea of Rimini, the days went by filled with the flavours of the land.
After obtaining a diploma as industrial expert, I found my way back to the kitchen, following the footsteps of my mum, my grandmother, and my grandfather Guido before them.  
A seemingly gradual choice, and yet an inevitable one, for those who, like me, have always felt an urge to get to know the culinary heritage of my region and my family.
For those who, day after day, feed their hunger by researching, in local traditions and people’s memories, the flavours, perfumes and ingredients they are surrounded by: going beyond the surface, down into the depths of the earth and the sea.

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